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Oil & Gas

Ranked as the 3rd top supplier in 2011 and still at the top levels of Vendor performance Group
         We are actively involved with Saudi Aramco on a personal and continuous basis, we consider Saudi Aramco our best reference. We are careful to manage the needs of Saudi Aramco with the needs and the desires of our partners. We are not a typical agent or representative; we chose to refer to it as a partnership in which we all benefit. Our main goal is to supply quality products and services to our clients at a fair and equitable basis to all parties. Currently offering Tubular, Wire-line Logging Services, Completion products & services, Whip stock & Milling products, Drilling & Coring bits, Directional drilling services, Inflatable Packers & cementing equipment, Drilling fluid additives and processing chemicals, Wellhead Products and Services, just to mention a few.
We currently have several active contracts with Saudi Aramco and are negotiating several more. We also own and operate a manufacturing and machine services; our API Certified facility handles tubular repairs, as well as manufacturing of various down-hole tools. This facility currently has a contract with Saudi Aramco for the repair and maintenance of their equipment it also allows us to work with our partners to manufacture and help maintain their equipment as needed.